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Recent Projects

Potsdam solar home, Potsdam PV home
Building a new home? Northern Lights Energy can help you with a great opportunity to include the most advanced, energy efficient solar electric technologies available. A home, like this one in Potsdam, NY should last for many years. If its built with solar PV, it can use a fraction of the energy of a typical home over its lifetime. This is great for the owner and the planet. This home boasts a 7.20 kW solar electric system. This solar electric system features 30 - 250W SolarWorld solar panels, and can make much of its own energy. In fact, because of advancements is solar electric technologies and solar electric installation there is no reason anymore not to build homes and buildings that consume little to no energy from offsite. This solar electric system also includes data logging through the SolarEdge inverter so Northern Lights Energy and the homeowner can see how the solar electric system is doing.
Solar electric on a new roof, Extending the roof to fit the solar electric system
Northern Lights energy can install a solar electric system just about anywhere there is access to the sun. This residential solar electric system in Russell, NY is deep in the woods but is still connected to the grid. So we were able to install a 7.14 kW net metered solar electric system that will cover 100% of the home's electrical usage. This system has 28 - 255 Watt SolarWorld panels. All SolarWorld panels are made in the United States. These panels generate power for a SolarEdge inverter. High speed internet allows this solar electric system to include internet based data logging. This means information from the SolarEdge inverter is sent to a special website which Northern Lights Energy, and the homeowner, can access. That way we can know exactly how your solar electric system is functioning at any time. Our goal is to find the most economical way to install a solar electric system. With this project we could either install a ground mounted system or use an existing building. The home had too much shade. The building in the photo needed a new roof. The solar PV installation provided the perfect opportunity to make use of an existing out building and replace the roof. So if you are planning an upgrade to a building, we can install solar PV to turn your building into a money maker.
These homeowners originally contacted us in hopes of reducing their use of fuel oil to heat their home and hot water. Converting the heating system to an electrically based ground source heat pump that could be powered by solar PV was not possible at this time. However, we were able to replace the fuel oil fired water heater with a GeoSpring heat pump water heater. The GeoSpring uses electricity to remove heat from the air and heat the water. The electricity is provided by the new solar electric system. So these folks now have solar hot water. This version of solar hot water is simpler and less expensive than typical solar thermal systems. The solar electric system consists of 18 SolarWorld solar panels made in the US. The inverter is a SolarEdge unit with optimizers that manage the power output of individual panels and provide info for the online data logging site. Both we and the homeowners can monitor the site via the internet to make sure it is living up to its potential. This solar electric system is installed on a Northern Lights Energy built solar shed. Solar Sheds have many advantages. During the winter they make clearing snow off the panels much easier, and they also have the dual use of extra storage space. Also, if your roof is old a the solar shed allows you to both protect your roof and still power your home in an environmentally friendly way.
Solar Boat Shed, SolarEdge and Sunnyboy
Northern Lights Energy can make any home, like this Hammond, NY based home, energy self sufficient with the addition of a solar electric system. This particular solar electric system has two systems. The original system is made up of 12 - 230W solar electric panels powering an SMA Sunnyboy inverter. The owner was so pleased with the original system he decided to add a second. The second system includes 18 - 265 Watt SolarWorld US made solar panels.  It also features a Solar Edge inverter that provides individual management for each of the new panels. This maximizes the power output of the system. This system provides 100% of the homes annual electrical usage. Like all Northern Lights Energy Systems, this comes with a 5-year full warranty. 
Large residential solar, Two SolarEdge inverters
This Norfolk, NY based Northern Lights Energy installed solar electric system is quite large at 10.07 kW. This solar electric installation includes 38 - 265 Watt SolarWorld, US made, solar panels and two Solar Edge inverters. This system also comes with online data logging which allows Northern Lights Energy and the solar electric system's owner to make sure the solar electric system is working smoothly. This system provides 100% of the homeowner's annual electrical usage. And like all Northern Lights Energy solar electric systems, it comes with a 5 year full warranty.