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This solar electric system was installed on the home of the owner of a Massena, NY based health food and supplement store, Healthy Way. Healthy Way carries various health foods, herbs and supplements. Healthy Way also offers Iridology and Body Gem. They plan to open a second store in Ogdensburg in late July. You can visit the store at 122 Harte Haven Plaza in Massena, NY or email them at The solar electric system is made up of 27-275 Watt Solar World solar panels and produces 7.425 kW of power. It also is comprised of 1 Solar Edge 240V inverter.
Northern Lights Energy installed this solar electric system on the workshop of an award winning local artist, Paul Norman Pedersen. Mr. Pedersen has been active since the mid 70's as a sculptor and painter. He specializes in portraits, still life and contemporary realism. This solar electric system is comprised of 20-280 Watt Solar World solar panels and uses a 240 V Solar Edge inverter. This solar electric system covers 70% of Mr. Pedersen electric use. To learn more about Paul Pedersen and his art work visit him on his website:
Generators can be important in the north country, especially in the winter when snow and ice can knock out power. These home owners wanted to make sure their heat and electricity remained constant if power were to go down. The Generac generator will ensure that their pipes keep from freezing when the homeowners leave town. This particular installation was unusually complicated, but we were able to accommodate the homeowners. Originally the homeowners had approached other installers, but were told that the installation was impossible. However, Northern Lights Energy was able to figure out a way to satisfy the homeowners request. Unlike in a normal installation, we had to mount the transfer switch and the breaker panel outside the home. We at Northern Lights Energy make sure to explore every option so as to best satisfy our clients.
St. Lawrence University approached us about educating their students about solar electric systems. We told them the best way to go about that would be to actually build a solar electric system with the students. This would allow the students to see the whole process, and actually get hands on experience at the same time. St. Lawrence had us install the system on the roof of the caretaker's cottage for of their off-campus student housing buildings. The system we installed was a 1.5 kW system with 6-250 watt Canadian Solar panels. Having a solar electric system that the students have easy access to will serve as a learning tool for years to come. Students can watch how energy production is monitored and reported. They will also learn what the different parts of solar electric systems are, and how they work. Having the solar electric system there will also make it easier for us at Northern Lights Energy to return often to teach new groups of students in the future.
The owners of this home contacted us with the wish to live completely off grid, and wanted a solar electric system to allow them to do so. Like most off grid systems this solar electric system is fairly small, but with proper energy budgeting the system will meet all of the home owners electricity needs. Northern Lights Energy installed this system on a pre-existing structure that we strengthen to support the solar electric system mounted on its roof. This off-grid system is made up of 8-270 watt Solarworld solar panels. Northern Lights Energy also installed a Generac 6kW Ecogen off grid generator. The combination of the solar electric system and the Generac Generator will be certain to produce all the electricity they will need, all year round.
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This solar electric system is a beautiful meeting of a rustic home and a stylish solar electric system. Northern Lights Energy installed 39 Solarworld 275W solar panels and 1 Solar Edge inverter for this system. This solar electric system will produce 10.73 kW of DC power. The Solar Edge inverter will convert this into AC current to power the home. This particular house is a net zero home. That means the solar electric system produces all of the energy consumed by the home, including their heat.
Solar expansion - 8 solar panels, Original system - 6 solar panels
The original system was designed to provide 100% of these folks annual electric usage. But as often happens, once they got solar they realized there was more they could do with their own electricity. So they decided to add a couple of panels to meet their growing needs. We installed Tigo optimizers in this system as part of the upgrade to ensure that each panel was putting out power at its maximum potential. This also added data logging to the system so we can verify how each panel is doing. A Kaco inverter is part of the system. We needed a small inverter for this small system and Kaco had the best unit for the job. At Northern Lights Energy we are not dealers of particular solar components. We are always looking for the best, most advanced components that will work for you for years to come.
Ground Mount with Enphase Microinverters, Shed Under Construction
These solar folks live in the woods in Potsdam, NY. But they had a clearing not too far from the the house. So that's where we installed the solar electric system. Northern Lights Energy, Inc. built a shed for the ground mounting system. The mount doubles as a storage shed. The 4.0 kW solar electric system is made up of 16 - 250 Watt SolarWorld panels made in the United States with 16 Enphase microinverters. The microinverters are installed behind the solar panels and make sure each solar panel is producing at its maximum power output. Controlling solar panels individually is especially important in areas where there is significant shade. Though tree clearing is part of this solar electric installation, there is still some shade on the solar panels in the winter months. Microinverters also provide information that is uploaded to the internet that can be viewed by the owner and Northern Lights Energy.
Shed with Solar Panels and Generator, Midnight Solar Power Panel with Magnum inverter
Having an off grid system means you are the power company. And just like the grid its best to have multiple sources of backup power. We build our off grid with solar as the primary source of power. Solar panels rarely have problems and will be there to provide power whenever the sun it out. A generator is vital to get through the long dark of the winter here. But limiting the runtime of the generator is critical to making the generator last for years. Solar panels have warranties for 25 years or more. They have no moving parts and so they don't break down. A generator, like any engine and electrical components has many parts and a much higher potential to fail. And when it fails you will likely be without power until you can fix or replace the unit. Solar will be there quietly making power for years. So if you are looking to live off grid in a home or a camp, start with solar, electrical equipment that is well designed and robust, and a generator that is quiet and designed for the application. We use power panels from Midnight Solar and Outback Power as the main control center for our systems. They are UL listed for the purpose and include just about everything you need in a small space to run your own power system. They have plenty of room for expansion so you can start with a small amount of solar and add more later as your budget allows. The backup generator can be a simple pull start or a fully automatic unit that requires minimal input from you. The most important thing to remember in off grid system design is to make sure you have included plenty of room for growth. Otherwise any money you thing you have saved can easily be spent several times over replacing initial components that don't meet your longer term needs, don't meet code or are otherwise poorly suited for your home or cottage. We install and service Generac generators. Generac is the first generator company to design a propane fired generator specifically aimed at off grid renewable energy systems. The Ecogen 6kW generator is intended primarily as backup power to a solar electric system and designed to provide years of automatic service in that capacity.
Russell NY Barn with solar, Barn with a SolarEdge
Bryan gets 100% of his electricity, including his hot water from thirteen 265W SolarWorld solar electric panels. The barn and the solar panels are made in the US. Data is provided to the internet through the SolarEdge inverter. Optimizers behind each panel provide panel level energy regulation to make sure each panel is working at its peak. The solar panels can be monitored individually to see if any problems develop.