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Recent Projects

A Bird's Eye View of the UH Roof
It was an honor to be asked by a branch of the United Helpers for a solar roof installation. While the building's many variously angled roofs presented initial challenges in our layout, using an enphase system we were able to maximize its potential. In the end, 24 panels sat on the roof, soaking in the sun. United Helpers is well known for the wonderful services it provides St Lawrence County's most vulnerable residents. If you'd like to learn more about them and the services they provide, visit their website at
The Completed Mount
The owner of this system was looking to not only produce clean, reliable energy, but protect his farm gear while he was at it. We made sure to build his mount extra tall to accommodate any equipment he might throw its way.
Hepburn Library in Progress, Hepburn Library Completed
We were very excited when the historic Hepburn Library of Norfolk contacted us about going solar. The installation was unique and resulted in a beautiful union of past and future. The library has been serving the community for many years. Solar will help it continue its legacy for many more.
Solar Coop (In Process), Solar Coop (In Process)
The owners of this system envisioned a multi purpose ground mount and NLE made it happen. Not only does the system more than cover their electrical needs, once fully enclosed, the mount will serve as a chicken coop and storage shed. Now that's what I call an efficient use of space!
Car Port Solar System
This 2.0kw system was installed for a high efficiency home in Hermon, NY. Despite being a relatively small system, it will generate nearly 100% of the home's electricity. Solar power and high efficiency homes go hand in hand with one another. There are many steps that one can take in order to make their homes more efficient and make the most of their solar. Some simple steps include sealing all cracks and gaps where air may escape, installing energy efficient lighting such as CFLs and LED bulbs and using energy star appliances.
Solar Garage, Hermon, NY,
Having recently moved to NY, these Hermon homeowners wanted to be prepared for whatever the North Country might throw their way. After intstalling a 30 panel system on the roof of their garage as well as a 16 kW generator for backup, they are ready to take on anything. The Solar electric system is rated for 8.10 kW and is expected to cover 100%+ of their power needs. If the power ever goes out, their generator will automatically kick into action and continue to provide them with power and comfort.
Initial Sketchup design., The finished product.
Without a southern facing roof, this Canton resident needed another solution. Rather than a standard pole-mount, we built her a custom outbuilding. During the initial planning and designing of the structure, we worked closely with the homeowner to ensure that her space needs were met. In the end, she gained not only a 21 panel system which generated 100% of her electricity, but also a shed a that was large enough to house her tractor and other equipment.
Located off Highway 68 in Pierrpont, NY, this solar electric system produces nearly 50% of all of Ken and Jean Tupper's energy needs. This power goes not only to the home pictured above, but to their nearby maple sugaring operation as well. If you'd care to taste some of their delicious maple delicacies, you should stop in to Tupper’s Hilltop Maple Treats. Learn more about their operation and business here:
This 7.83 kW system (seen on the building on the left) is an addition to the previous system on the right. Between the two arrays, this Canton based contractor and his wife produce 100%+ of their electrical needs for their home and workshop. The additional energy they create may eventually be used to provide their heating needs as well.
This residential system is rated for 6.92kW of electricity. Located in Potsdam, NY the array is apt to take a beating during the coldest months. After a particularly brutal winter, we returned to this system to add an additional two panels as well as installing snow guards as defense against snow buildup.