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Solar in NY State Continues to Grow

Solar Install

The solar industry around the world is experiencing unprecedented growth. Its truly amazing how solar electricity is spreading across the globe. It makes sense really. Our planet is bathed in sunlight 24 hours a day powering just about everything. The only thing it has not been powering until now is our homes and businesses. Now its doing that too.

Here in NY the support for solar has recently also been expanding. Incentives for residential solar electric systems are now available for systems up to 25kW now. This is enough to power almost any home. If you have an area on your roof or in your yard that gets a lot of sun, you can make your own electricity at a fraction of the cost you are paying now. If you are a gardener you already are using power from the sun to grow your food. Why not power your house with the same energy that helps you grow your tomatoes?