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Generac Generators

Scott Shipley, President of Northern Lights Energy, Inc, a Canton, NY based provider of solar electric solutions is pleased to announce Generac generators are now available for sale and installation throughout St. Lawrence County. “We have long been a provider of electrical services in the North Country through are solar electric power solutions and are residential and light commercial work. Now we can offer to our customers the best selling generator in the US.”

For anyone who needs to provide 24/7 backup power protection to a home or a business a fully automatic generator is the answer. It can provide power to your critical loads or your entire building in the event of a power outage at a moments notice. Since its fully automatic, the generator will provide power whether you are home or away.

Many people have backup generators but may not have the considered the potential dangers using one incorrectly. Many generator installations are done without the required transfer switch that makes sure you can’t send power out to the grid. A generator that is attempting to power the grid is dangerous for the building owner and the folks who are working to fix the power lines. Northern Lights Energy will make sure your generator complies with all relevant codes and is safe for you, your neighbors and the linesmen working to restore power to your home.

Though many low cost generators can be extremely loud, Generac generators are surprisingly quiet. Running on natural gas or propane they can provide power for extended outages with no reliance on gasoline that may or may not be available in an emergency situation. So if you are interested in the security of emergency power, give us a call at 315-854-0580.