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EV Charging

There is a revolution happening in transportation. Electric cars are coming to town and hopefully to a garage or driveway near you. There are many advantages to owning an electric car: cheaper fuel, less maintenance, better performance to name just a few. But one of the best advantages is the convenience of filling up your car every day in the comfort of your own home. No more sitting at the gas pump. With an electric car you will be doing most of your charging at home. Having a dedicated charging station will make this quicker, safer and more convenient.

EV charging can be done simply from a dedicated electrical circuit in your garage. Or it can be done in conjunction with your solar electric system. Imagine that. You can now make your own fuel. At about 1/3 the cost of gasoline. No more standing out at the gas pump in the freezing cold. No more waiting for an open pump because the person before you parked their car at the pump and disappeared while you sit. No more hands that smell like gasoline again. Imagine that.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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