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Northern Lights Energy has always worked on the cutting edge. We make it our business to adopt, explain and promote the technologies that can truly make us energy independent and improve our world for our kids, grand kids and all generations to follow. Solar energy is one of the only truly clean energies. Imagine powering your home, your car, your whole life with solar power. Well now you can. Making these changes can be daunting. Each person and household is different with different interests and priorities. We can help you identify the best place to start kicking the fossil fuel habit. Join the millions of us already making the change. We look forward to helping you.

We offer the benefits of over 20 years of experience gained from working and living in Northern NY. We are a fully insured design and installation firm. Our experience is grounded in our years of installing, upgrading and repairing electrical systems. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Northern Lights Energy, Inc. provides solar electric system design and installation; electrical wiring and construction services; maintenance and service; electric vehicle charging stations; and heat pump water heaters and space heating. We work throughout St. Lawrence County, NY and surrounding areas. In addition to understanding, designing, constructing, and repairing electrical systems, we have extensive experience analyzing all aspects of energy usage in all types of buildings. We know buildings and electrical systems. And we know solar. We can design and install a system that works for you to generate all your electrical needs using clean, environmentally friendly, solar energy.

The President of Northern Lights Energy, Inc is Scott Shipley. He is a NABCEP certified solar electric system professional, a graduate of Cornell University, and a graduate of SUNY Canton’s Electrical Construction program. Scott has been working and living with solar energy for over 30 years.

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