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Need a new water heater? Have a solar electric system, or in the process of getting one? A heat pump water heater could be what you've been searching for. The heat pump water heater will heat your water with the solar electricity produced by your solar electric system. Instead of generating the heat needed like normal water heaters, a heat pump water heater uses electricity take heat from the surrounding air to heat the water. As a by-product of this process they dehumidify the air at the same time. On top of all that heat pump water heaters can replace most normal water heaters.
Have you been considering installing a solar electric system but weren’t sure if you could afford it? NY State has just made it even easier by providing low interest loans for solar electric systems. In addition to the already substantial incentives and tax credits, the new loan products make solar electricity within reach for even more New Yorkers. The financing is provided as part of New York’s Green Jobs Green NY program and is helping to keep New York on the forefront of the rapidly expanding green industry.
Solar Power for Farm

Northern Lights Energy has installed a solar electric system to power a small farm in Russell, NY. Thirteen 265W Solarworld solar electric panels coupled with a Solar Edge inverter now provide 100% of the electricity used in this St. Lawrence County farm. Because he makes hot water with an electric water heater, he now has solar hot water too. Data logging is included so that the owner and Northern Lights Energy can monitor what the system is doing in real time.

Solar Install

The solar industry around the world is experiencing unprecedented growth. Its truly amazing how solar electricity is spreading across the globe. It makes sense really. Our planet is bathed in sunlight 24 hours a day powering just about everything. The only thing it has not been powering until now is our homes and businesses. Now its doing that too.

Generac Generators

Scott Shipley, President of Northern Lights Energy, Inc, a Canton, NY based provider of solar electric solutions is pleased to announce Generac generators are now available for sale and installation throughout St. Lawrence County. “We have long been a provider of electrical services in the North Country through are solar electric power solutions and are residential and light commercial work. Now we can offer to our customers the best selling generator in the US.”

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NABCEP Certified
Scott Shipley, President and owner of Northern Lights Energy, Inc., Canton, NY is certified as a solar professional by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Generator Installation and Service

Generec Generator

Northern Lights Energy's primary services include: solar electric system design and installation, backup generator installation and residential and light commercial electrical wiring services.